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Om Prakash Singh

Om Prakash Singh is a visual anthropologist and an environmental documentarian. He is the Director of Millennium Water Story (MWS). He has been dedicated to the cause of sustainable development through the use of evocative visual medium, especially high-impact documentary photographic works that he believes hold tremendous potential to inform, educate and communicate with the masses to involve themselves for appropriate action.

He has been extensively engaged in visually exploring and documenting issues in water resources management, an area which has remained under-represented in photo-documentary works. He has been engaged in visual documentation in connection with several research projects on water resources management with a focus on India, undertaken at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden. These efforts have led to creation of a rich visual repository on the subject that is currently growing. He has prepared a number of photo-essays on key water issues which are uniquely emphatic in being factually rooted in case studies and real life situations and yet raising concerns that are universally significant across nations and cultures, thereby demanding immediate global attention and action.

Together with Nandita Singh and with support from Swedish Water House, he has the distinction of displaying these as full-fledged photographic exhibitions three times at the World Water Week in Stockholm which is amongst the biggest global platforms on water issues. The first exhibition explored urban water challenges, while the second one focused on climate change and water, looking at the human dimensions. The third exhibition at this forum was based on the theme of urban right to water and sanitation. These exhibitions have been recognized as extremely emphatic, leading to critical reflections upon the ongoing global efforts and claims at addressing people's struggles and hardships regarding water and the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and its predecessor UN Millennium Development Goals.

These exhibitions have been displayed at several locations within Sweden and elsewhere across Europe and other countries, including displays at the International Water Film Festival, Bangalore, India and the Global Forum on Sanitation and Hygiene at Mumbai, India organized by the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) of the United Nations. A number of other water-related exhibitions have also been developed and displayed by him such as the 'human right to water' displayed at an international conference in Uppsala, Sweden and 'Mahakumbh Snan: the great sacred bath of India' at Stockholm. His exhibitions have also been held at many educational institutions such as the Stockholm University in Sweden, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden and Jawaharlal Nehru University in India, to name only a few.

He has been engaged as a social documentarian for several national and international agencies, such as UNICEF and FIAN. He has produced a number of high-level documentary works concerning different development issues. Amongst these is his engagement as a member of an European Fact-finding Team on the right to food where he produced a moving, empathy-creating photographic exhibition on the struggle of Yanadis in India for food. This exhibition has travelled widely across Sweden, being displayed at the Almedalen Week in Gotland, and at Stockholm and Alingsås. It also travelled to Belgium, France, Germany and Hungary.

His documentary photographs have also appeared in magazines and newspapers and the power of his photographic works has found widespread appreciation in the press and on the web. He has been invited as a guest speaker at many important development forums, notably at the Almedalen Week, which is the biggest political, social and business forum in Sweden. In order to further develop the power of visual documentation on water resources management as the way forward for sustainable development, he has founded MWS together with his wife Nandita Singh in 2016. He lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

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