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Millennium Water Story (MWS) is an independent on-line information, education and communication initiative that focusses on water resources management in India. Water, a basic resource essential for life, environment and development, has come to face severe challenges in recent times in India. Projected impacts of climate change on water resources pose further threat to the already vulnerable situation.

There is thus an urgent need to manage the water resources efficiently, effectively and sustainably by making water everybody's business. This requires effective communication in order to increase awareness and sensitization amongst all stakeholders about the gravity of the problems and their potential solutions.

MWS is one such initiative in this direction. It intends to stimulate public dialogue in India through on-line exhibits of real-life situation from different parts of the country in the form of Photo Story on various dimensions of water resources management. In fact, MWS is the first of its kind in the world to communicate on different aspects of water resources management exclusively through photo stories.

To have water-secure India through positive changes in attitude, behavior, policy and action in water resources management.

To enhance water sensitivity amongst different water stakeholders in India.

To inform, educate and communicate with different water stakeholders in India about various water issues, problems and prospects.

Many of the water problems and issues presented in the photo stories exhibited on MWS also mirror the water scenario across other countries in South Asia and elsewhere in the developing world. Some of these water issues are even found in the developed countries. This makes MWS a relevant platform for sensitizing water stakeholders and stimulating appropriate action for sustainable water resources management even beyond India.

MWS is conceived and founded by Nandita Singh and Om Prakash Singh.


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